As a child, growing up in the south of England, he was continuously searching for the past. Looking for places where he could search for the secrets of the past by means of digging up soil and looking for artefacts.

Southern England, being very rich in ancient history, where traces of the Celts, Romans and Medieval Kings are still being found he could easily satisfy his needs. The past and present in this country are evidently connected. Pothecary was also inspired by the inner walls of the Victorian garden of his great grandparents where time stood still. This is where Pothecary's art inspiration was founded.

In many of Pothecary's works circles and ellipses and many continual lines joining symbols symbolize that there is no beginning and no end. Madonna and child, being a Christian symbol, or the Egyptian Isis and Horus of, from different times and cultures. Pothecary works with collages, layer on top of layer. As the filmmaker, Dennis Potter, in a very complex way searches for the likeness of time and image, so does Pothecary, using different materials with different origins like textiles, coins, photo's, newspaper articles. He switches constantly between different periods, from Rococo back to the early Middle Ages and even further to the ancient Greeks every time looking for unity.

When one, being the viewer of Pothecary's work, is searching for the identity of the artist, thinks to have found it, immediately a new search for the pieces of the puzzle appears.

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